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Before You Sack Your Boss

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In March 2016 I walked out of a business partnership, and gave up my official cars, official laptop, official residence, and my business coverings. I had a strong belief that I will succeed immediately I set up my own business.

However, things started to fall apart after five months with no income, and no pre-planned strategy to survive while I wait for the  break even moment. I moved from having two cars, to jumping buses, getting beaten by rain and sun. I had just engaged my fiancee shortly before quitting my job. Our relationship was been threatened because I could not provide basic needs. My rent had expired and my landlord was on my neck to pay up.

Has any motivational speaker ever said to your hearing that you can’t be rich or wealthy working for someone else?

Well, I was told same and I believed them, and that was why I told my boss to “go to hell”, or better put I sacked my boss without a well-articulated plan. I immediately went on to set up my own business. After all, I was told by motivational speakers that all one needs, to start a business and grow it rapidly, is to have passion and be determined.

I was young. Foolish and yes, I was dead wrong!

Many people get this notion that titles could make them the boss, so they find it very easy to quit their paid jobs and start a business without first considering the implications of not receiving alert at the end of the month as they used to.

Do you know the implications of travelling the road less traveled by many and why? Are you also aware that you can be a successful entrepreneur without being a business owner?

The above and many more insights are what you will find in the book BEFORE YOU SACK YOUR BOSS

If I had known what I knew now, I won’t have sacked my boss when I did, and I won’t have definitely sacked him in the manner I did. This is a common mistake people make in their lives and career. To some, the mistake of sacking their boss at the wrong time and with the wrong attitude brings to them untold hardship. Some move from good apartments to a “face me I slap” you building. Some lose relationships like I almost lost my fiancée because I didn’t have money to keep up at a time.

Having gone through hell and the longest route to build a successful business, I feel it would have been easier, and I would have taken a shorter route, and not make the mistakes I made.

Entrepreneurship is not as smooth and seamless as it is often portrayed by sweet-talking motivational speakers. In fact, research shows that more than 65% percent of start-ups fail in their first year and another 25% fail before the end of their 3rd year. This doesn’t by any means look like a seamless venture.

However, there is a better way, an easier way to prepare before turning in your resignation letter, and starting your own business. Even if you had made the same mistake I made by sacking my boss without figuring out plans on how to deal with business failures, there is a way to remedy your situation.

I have carefully shared insights on how I navigated through my ordeals and successfully built a six-figure Media and Entertainment Company in this book BEFORE YOU SACK YOUR BOSS 

The good news is that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made. You don’t have to lose your official car, without having an alternative. Starting a business comes with lots of responsibilities and one decision can ruin everything, and send you back to square one. This can be avoided.

You can get a copy of this book at the most ridiculously discounted price and get it delivered to your door post anywhere you are FREE OF CHARGE. The book will teach you how to empty your boss’s head before sacking him, how to transition with a proper exit blueprint, and how to leave the back door open just in case there is need to return to your current employer. The book will also teach you strategy that a business needs to survive in this century and how titles can be a burden sometimes.

If you know the burden of the title, “CEO” you may have to consider carefully, before wearing the hat, and you won’t be in a hurry to do so.

Don’t be like my younger self.